ZyXel Computer System Installations

For more than 20 years ZyXEL has remained one of the world’s leading suppliers of networking products for various deployment requirements. It’s the first choice of many tier-one service providers, connecting more than 400,000 small- and medium-sized businesses, and upwards of 70 million end users around the globe.


We take a humanistic perspective in the development of our products and commercial computer services: it’s not just the device but the heart with a commitment that goes into it. Our products reflect our understanding that technology is only as good as it is useful to the people using it. Will it help people communicate more effectively? Will it help to improve their lives? These are questions well worth asking. That’s why in designing every ZyXEL product, we carefully consider its practicality, value, interoperability with current and future technology standards and systems, and ability to improve our customers’ lives through its application.

Supporting this approach, our company is driven by a spirit of innovation and a firm commitment to its partners and customers. ZyXEL embodies a strong passion for innovation which permeates every level of the organization, spurring perpetual innovation to meet the needs of a rapidly transforming networking industry.

This passion for innovation has led to a string of world firsts spanning all areas of Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity. From the creation of the world’s first integrated voice/fax modem to the world’s first Telco-grade IPv6 end-to-end solution, ZyXEL has been at the forefront of the Information Age since the debut of the Internet. From gateways, routers, switches, security solutions, and central office equipment as well as digital home-enabled solutions, from fix to wireless; ZyXEL has offered exceptional reliability and quality across its entire product range since its founding in 1989.

Our commitment to innovation, combined with an ability to offer full end-to-end connectivity and responsive customization for our valued service provider partners, demonstrates the power of ZyXEL’s approach. This proactive posture has also led ZyXEL to develop solutions that allow small- and medium-sized businesses to enjoy the same connectivity as large corporations – products with extensive compatibility, network interoperability, and performance optimization – as well as a range of devices that help make smart homes a reality.

The people of ZyXEL appreciate your interest in our company and look forward to the opportunity of enriching your life, in connection with relationships, friendships,s and partnerships whenever and wherever you are around the world.

Experience Superior Commercial Computer Services with Sys Logic 

If your small business needs commercial computer services that cover all of the possible bases, Sys Logic Technology Services can provide you with the IT care you need. We offer complete IT outsourcing to local businesses and regional businesses that help from initial setup to providing on-call support when a crisis arises.

We have partnered with different leaders in the industry to provide our clients with the best IT services available. Give us a call at (903) 224-0088 or send an email to Cgoldsmith@syslogic-techsvc.com.