Lenovo for Government

Finally, a full-featured government-capable tablet. Lenovo’s new ThinkPad® Tablet 2 featuring Intel® Atom™ processor delivers performance, reliability, and value for government IT managers and end users alike with one highly productive, totally mobile, and rugged device that lives up to Think standards.

The ThinkPad brand has delivered mobile productivity and thoughtful, user-centered design for over 20 years. Our heritage of innovation continues with industry-leading form factors that leave the competition far behind. Lenovo continues to transform the mobile workforce as old rules about working from home give way to a workforce that requires the ability to work anytime, anywhere. As agencies struggle to find robust tools to manage a more mobile workplace, Lenovo helps address these challenges without sacrificing security, compliance, or visibility. For government agencies, the advantages of deploying secure and reliable mobility solutions are clear:

  • Mobile productivity supports key agency workforce and technology initiatives and boosts productivity
  • Lower facilities and infrastructure costs drive tangible cost savings
  • Improved work-life balance and lower commute costs (saving both time and money) and increases employee retention

Ideas Built to Move

ThinkPad laptops are all built for life on the road, with rugged design features and proven reliability. Combine them with the Lenovo cloud platform and our extensive services portfolio, and you’re ready to manage mobile productivity with security and simplicity.

Light and reliable ThinkPad® laptops are the perfect tools for mobile productivity needs. Their durable design and cloud-ready capabilities ensure users can connect and work regardless of conditions or location. Collaboration with colleagues is simple with robust VoIP and webcam support.

All Lenovo ThinkCentre® desktops and ThinkPad laptops and tablets ship cloud-ready client-enabled. This simplifies access to services and applications and helps improve performance. Our Lenovo cloud platform and Secured Cloud Access let you manage mobile access to critical applications and services with ease. Real endpoint awareness lets you control access to new devices and users automatically.

Worry-Free Security

The security implications of enabling your mobile workforce can be overwhelming. A single intrusion or unsecured device can have a crippling effect on your organization’s data, and ultimately your agency’s mission.

SecureDoc for Lenovo is a scalable Full-Disk Encryption (FDE) software solution that ensures sensitive information stored on laptops across the enterprise is protected against theft and unauthorized access. This enterprise-ready disk encryption solution will not only encrypt your PCs but also protect your removable media including CDs/DVDs, USB drives, and SD cards. Our Secure Doc tools are based on the industry-leading WinMagic™ encryption technology.

Ready to go Mobile?

Let us help you assess your current mobile security plans and identify areas of risk. The threat of data loss and security breaches from mobile computing is substantial: lost devices, unsecured remote employees and connections, and a steady stream of evolving new threats. The good news is that organizations can still reap the benefits of mobile computing with end-user training and the right devices.

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