Law Enforcement

Sys Logic Technology Services began its existence by assisting law enforcement agencies and municipalities. All personnel is fingerprinted, security awareness trained and CJIS cleared. Sys Logic takes security and CJIS adherence very seriously. In terms of CJIS, we are very proactive to ensure all guidelines are met. Sys Logic Technology Services will periodically go through all systems to ensure compliance. We will also set up mechanisms to detect possible intruders and alert which is key. As threats continue to evolve, simply adhering to guidelines is not sufficient and a more proactive approach is needed. From audits to logs to alerting mechanisms upon possible intrusions. Also, the implementation of self-defending networks is necessary.

Additionally, we will provide assistance with all policy paperwork if needed plus schedule mock audits with the TAC officer and LASSO to continue to ensure compliance.

Are you a local municipality that needs certified professionals with years of experience in the IT field working along site other municipalities? Come to Sys Logic, we have you covered! Give us a call at (903) 224-0088 or send an email to