Cybercrime investigator pushing CYBER THREAT on an interactive touch screen monitor.

How to Protect Your Law Enforcement Tech From Cyberthreats

Data breaches within large, seemingly secured entities have become a more prevalent technology threat for several industries. Unfortunately, with its access to criminal records, and confidential case information, the law enforcement sector is a prime target for ransomware attacks that hold valuable data and systems hostage until an entity pays out.

Law enforcement groups in the past that have fallen victim to ransomware attacks, found their total communication and data systems tied up until they were either forced to pay the price or lost valuable data to cybercriminals.

As technology evolves and reports of new cyber threats continue to climb, there has never been a more important time for law enforcement agencies to take their data security seriously.

Here are some of the quickest first steps an entity can take toward stronger cybersecurity.

Stay Educated on the Latest Security Threats

Education is key to taking a proactive stance against cybercrimes. However, not every department has the time or manpower to dedicate to thwarting ever-evolving network security threats. A CJIS-cleared company like Sys Logic Technology Services could be a useful tool that takes some weight off of your department’s shoulders and provides your force with the knowledge and guidance it needs to protect valuable information.

Make a Third-Party IT Team a Priority

As a law enforcement agency, your job is to protect the communities in your jurisdiction; but who protects you and your valuable data? Our biggest suggestion for blocking phishers and ransomware attacks at their roots is to hire an official third-party IT team to do the technological heavy lifting for you.

Our foundation rests in assisting law enforcement agencies with their technology needs. Our team is vetted, fingerprinted, and CIS-cleared to properly handle the systems and data your department needs to be secured.

Our team can assist your department with the following data protection services:

  • Technology audits
  • Installation of mechanisms that alert of possible data breaches
  • The implementation of self-defending networks

All of the technology services we provide fall within CJIS compliance and our proactive approach helps ensure that your department worries less about the quality of the data protection plans it has in place.

Regularly Update Your Systems

Your tech’s software and anti-viruses need to be up-to-date in order to remain effective for your equipment. While this can be a task that is easily forgotten in the buzz of a busy station, your anti-virus and malware software should be set to automatically update and scan your systems for any questionable activities.

As long as you continue to respond to your software’s recommendations to update, your systems should remain protected from the latest ransomware efforts.

Backup, Backup, Backup

All of your data should be backed up on separate servers that aren’t connected to the main system that they are backing up. Despite some of your best efforts to protect your data, breaches can still occur and having your data backed up can help your department respond faster to threats and not give in to the demands of malicious thieves.

Gain Trusted Technology Assistance Through Sys Logic Technology Services

If your law enforcement or government municipality has recently suffered an expensive ransomware attack or experienced a related data breach, the team at Sys Logic Technology Services can help protect you against further attacks.

Contact us today to learn more about our preventative services and ongoing IT work in the law enforcement field. We’re ready to help protect you while you protect our communities.