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Tips for Keeping Your Macbook Secure

Macbooks are personal computers that are entirely in a league of their own. So much so, that keeping them secure from cyber threats requires specific steps that go beyond protecting the average laptop.

If you’ve recently come into ownership of a Macbook, you’ll want to ensure that your personal information stays personal. Here are some simple tips for keeping your data secure and out of the hands of cyber thieves.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

The worst that can happen is actually very bad. Identity theft is one of the biggest crimes that gets committed when a thief steals private information from a Macbook or laptop.

You may not even realize that your identity is stolen until the next time you need your credit checked or if you start receiving bills in the mail you’ve never heard of. It can take years to recover from an identity thief, so it’s best to stay proactive and practice some of these standards, Mac-specific security steps.

Regularly Update Your Mac Software

The easiest way to protect your Macbook from hackers is to regularly update your software. Software updates are literally made to patch up any loopholes that cyber threats have found in older versions.

So, while waiting for your Macbook to update may not seem like an ideal way to spend your time, it’s still an excellent preventative measure to keep your data protected in the long term.

Look for a Mac Anti-Virus

Apple has a lot of built-in protection tools that are effective against cyber threats, but using them alone isn’t enough to guarantee 100 percent protection. Ransomware, spyware, and phishing attacks are all problems that even the latest Apple protection can fall victim to.

Standard anti-virus programs won’t typically protect your Macbook, so be on the lookout for Mac-friendly products that use advanced protection and removal for issues like:

  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Phishing Breaches

Surf the Web on a Private Browser

Although Safari and Google Chrome are two of the most popular web browsers, they don’t offer the most private experience during a web search. If you really want to protect your web browsing against threats, we recommend these private browsers that leave your IP and browsing information out in the open:

  • Brave – Doesn’t store your browsing data and allows for advanced privacy customization
  • Tor – Provides multi-layer encryption of your data and has great anti-spy protection

Two-Factor Authentication Works

iCloud offers an excellent security resource in two-factor authentication. When you implement this into your browsing practices, a one-time generated password is sent to your phone that must be entered along with your standard password.

This means that even if you haven’t changed your passwords in ages and hackers have this information, they still will have quite a difficult time accessing your data.

What to Do If Your Computer is Compromised?

If you find signs that you have a malware virus or that someone has been sneaking onto your computer without your permission, the first thing you should do is follow the above steps and then take your Macbook into a certified Apple repair shop.

A team like the qualified team at Sys Logic Technology Services will be able to help you find the root of your Macbook problem and come up with a solution that salvages your data and puts you in a position to start being proactive with your protection.

Get Your Macbook Back in Shape with Sys Logic Technology Services

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