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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Commercial Computer Services

Whether a business is large or small, the reliance on functional technology is inevitable for its success. However, computers and other office technologies can malfunction or outright fail, and most businesses need someone to turn to for IT support.

Here are five reasons why your business should partner with a company that provides reliable commercial computer services, over hiring in-house IT support that doesn’t always guarantee a solution for your computer problems.

1.  We Help Improve Overall Security

Protected data is essential for the success of your business. So, you’ll want a commercial computer service that can provide the security your data needs.

Sys Logic Technology Services is well-versed in computer networking and securing a business’ network. Our network security solutions ensure your protected information remains confidential.

If your business has already experienced a data breach, our team can quickly identify the issues with your current system and advise you on safer technologies to implement in order to avoid further security issues.

2.  Outsourced IT Support Saves Your Business Money

Employing a permanent IT person or team can become expensive for a company. This is especially true if yours is a newer company that doesn’t expect to run into technology problems very often.

An outsourced IT consultant like Sys Logic will only charge a flat rate for the necessary resolution to a technical problem.  We are also available to help install a commercial network and train your staff on the ins and outs of your technology. From there, we remain open for assistance should the need arise.

IT outsourcing is especially a money saving option if you know that your company is of a size that or complexity that require IT services every month.

3.  We can Help You Improve Productivity

When it comes to the usefulness of new technologies, IT outsourcing providers always have their ear to the ground. As your commercial computer services provider, we can work with you to understand your brand’s goals, and ultimately, help you implement the latest technology that helps you reach them.

Trust us to help you open your eyes to new technologies that:

  • Improve productivity
  • Lead your business towards expansion and growth
  • Ensure your business is one that is deemed competitive within its market

4.  Our Team can Handle Any Technological Crisis

Sometimes a computer or network error is one that goes beyond the average IT personnel’s experience. When this happens, productivity grinds to a halt and your business begins to fall behind.

Fortunately, an experienced team that provides commercial computer services is used to handling unexpected and at times severe computer or network problems. We can help you resolve your issue and then provide you with the network security solution you’ll need in order to prevent disaster from striking twice!

5.  We Provide Customized Service

Technological needs are different for every company we work with. Our expert support team takes its partnerships seriously. Trust us to customize your technology services in order to meet your unique needs.

Customized commercial computer services allow your business to gain professional insight from IT professionals that specialize in the following commercial areas:

  • IT support technology and planning
  • Server and hardware installation
  • Server and hardware maintenance
  • Software installation and updates
  • Business continuation planning, and more!

Experience Superior Commercial Computer Services with Sys Logic Technology Services

If your small business needs commercial computer services that cover all of the possible bases, Sys Logic Technology Services can provide you with the IT care you need. We offer complete IT outsourcing to local businesses and regional businesses that helps from initial setup to providing on-call support when a crisis arises.

We are East Texas’s most trusted technology services provider and are ready to show your business why! Contact us today to learn more about our commercial computer services.

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What are the 4 Most Common Commercial Network Issues?

Most commercial businesses rely on networking to allow for smooth day-to-day operations. Networking provides several advantages to a commercial entity like business growth and money saving resources.

However, like all technology, problems come up and disrupt the overall flow of your internal computer network. While some issues may be as simple as a misplaced router, some problems may require the help of a networking services professional.

Here’s a look at four of the most common commercial networking problems, and how Sys Logic Technology Services can help.

Duplicate IP Addresses

Although duplicate IP address issues are rare when IP addresses are automatically assigned to computers in a network, problems can arise when assigning static IP addresses on a network. This creates the issue of duplicate IP addresses that ties up the two offending pieces of equipment until the problem is resolved.

Wireless Sluggishness

You could be paying for the best internet services and still experience a slow network that diminishes productivity. This can be a networking problem that leaves users scratching their heads, however, the solution is actually quite simple.

Your slow network could be the result of a misplaced wireless router experiencing interference. Network sluggishness can also be caused by a faulty switch or a PC that is infected with a virus. In some cases the wireless router simply needs to be rebooted.

A Workstation Can’t Connect to Your Network

If a single piece of equipment can’t connect to your network, and every other device around it can, this is an IT problem that requires a professional touch for an effective solution.

Our team can run numerous tests on a device’s cables, wifi connectivity, potential software problems, and more. We know exactly what to look for, and can quickly get your faulty workstation back on track.

Lack of Network Security

Finally, lack of network security is one of the biggest issues that plagues a commercial business. Corporations and small businesses alike, rely on secure networks to transfer important data between devices. Without proper security in place, information can fall into the wrong hands and hackers can gain access to data that can bring your business to the ground.

Don’t let poor cyber security put your business at risk. Trust our security team to install computer network firewalls that will identify and block out unwanted traffic before it becomes a threat to your business’ well-being.

Resolve Your Commercial IT Issues With Sys Logic Technology Services

If you are the leader of a company that relies on a computer network to meet your business’ goals, you shouldn’t have to worry about the reliability of your technology. Networking issues slow down productivity and put your business at risk.

Trust the experts of Sys Logic Technology Services to help your commercial location overcome any flaws in its network. From basic resolutions to advanced IT problems, our team can get your network back on track.

Contact us today to schedule our services for your network issue.