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What Apple Computer Problems can Your Local Technician Fix?

Apple products like the MacBook and iPhone are notorious for being in a league of their own when repair needs arise.

The issue with Apple products is that not every repair specialist is qualified to fix them, and many customers find themselves on a long waitlist for repairs from Apple’s own IT team.

Fortunately, our technology gurus have extensive experience with the unique qualities of Apple products and can help get your systems back in working order.

Here are some of the most common Apple computer problems we’ve encountered and fixed for our customers.

Screen Repairs

From cracked LCD screens to a poor connection between your Macbook’s screen and circuit board, our team of technicians has the tools and experience to replace your computer’s delicate screen.

Our phone & tablet repairs are accurate and save our customers precious time and money. Trust us when we say that there isn’t a screen we can’t fix.

Running Out of Disk Space

If your MacBook starts running slower because it’s run out of disk space, its poor performance will get frustrating, fast. The problem is that you may not understand what is actually slowing down your computer and could end up deleting valuable software and files that leave your computer in an even worse condition.

Apple computers are a completely different beast than their PC counterparts. So, it takes a true expert to know what programs should be running and what programs should go when your disk space starts to fill up.

Not only can we help speed up your computer, but we can also help you save deleted files on an external hard drive that you can access as you please once our job is complete.

Motherboard Repairs

As we’ve mentioned, dealing with Apple product repairs can seem impossible to the untrained techy. One of the most difficult repairs that we specialize in is when your Macbook’s motherboard power circuit goes AWOL.

When this happens, not even a simple battery replacement can recharge your computer. Motherboard power circuit repairs require a steady hand and a knowledgeable technician. We know how to safely navigate your motherboard and resolve the problem without triggering any further issues.

Network Mapping

In the commercial world, there are still many businesses that rely on network mapping to locally host their employee’s on a server. Based on how your Macbook is manufactured, mapping out a drive on an Apple computer can be a little trickier than with a PC.

However, an experienced local support specialist can help you successfully connect all of your business’ Apple computers to your desired local host.

Virus Removal

Although a MacBook is less likely than a PC to acquire a virus or malware, it still happens. Once a virus takes over your system, not only does your Macbook slow down, but your personal information is at risk.

When a virus strikes, there isn’t time for you to wait until your number is called up. Local Macbook network security technicians are well-versed in urgency and will be happy to help get your computer on their schedule in a timely manner.

Keep Your MacBook Running with Sys Logic Technology Services

If you have a MacBook that is on the fritz and you don’t want to wait in a long Apple queue or get forced into buying another piece of expensive equipment, Sys Logic Technology Services can help! Contact us today to get your MacBook on our repairman’s schedule.

Our team has the experience your Apple product needs to make essential repairs that keep your systems running smoothly after our work is complete. The best part is, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with us. There is no exhaustive wait or sense of uncertainty in our services.

PAD with broken Touchscreen High resolution

Why is a Tablet Repair Smarter Than a Replacement?

Tablets are excellent pieces of technology, but their biggest downfall is that without the right protection and maintenance, they are vulnerable to damages that diminish the quality of their performance.

From cracked screens to headphone jacks breaking off in the tablet’s port, there are many reasons why people find themselves stuck between seeking local tablet repair professionals and flat-out buying a new tablet.

Although a new tablet may seem like a great idea when your equipment is on the fritz, we are here to explain why tablet repair is an overall smarter resolution to your problem.

Your Repair May Not Be As Expensive As You Think

In the heat of the moment, even the slightest sign of tablet damage can seem disastrous. Fortunately, a local computer repair professional can help you determine the root of your problem. In many cases, issues with tablets can be resolved and your tech can function like new again.

A reputable professional will be honest about the repairs your tablet needs; whereas a salesperson will pretty much tell you anything to sell a pricey replacement.

Replacement Often Takes More Time

Generally, common tablet issues like a screen replacement can take between 45 minutes and a couple of hours for more complex fixes. While this may feel like a large chunk out of your day, tablet repairs are actually a huge time saver.

Not only do you skip the hours spent shopping for a new tablet that fits the budget of an emergency purchase, but you also save all of the time you’d spend replacing the data that you’ve lost from your old device.

Repairs Lead to Better Usability With Familiar Technology

New tablet models often come with brand new features that can catch unsuspecting new users off guard. Your technology should feel comfortable to use; and that’s why so many people hope that a tablet repair can solve their problem.

Once again, this is an instance when repairs save you time and allow you to jump right back into familiarity once our team fixes your tablet.

Repairs can Be Great for Your Home Life

Let’s face it, upgrading to new equipment each time something goes wrong with your tablet can be a general waste of resources. Even if, in the end, you do decide to upgrade your tablet over a repair, you could still put your older tablet to good use.

Everyone in a household would love a tablet of their own. So, get that broken tablet repaired and let your kids or other family members make good use of it. When the need arises for an extra tablet in the home, we guarantee that a repaired model will be less costly than a refurbished tablet bought from a manufacturer.

Repair Your Tablet with Sys Logic Technology Services

If you have a tablet that is physically damaged or malfunctioning, reach out to a local tablet repair professional before rushing out to a big-box retailer. At Sys Logic Technology Services, we specialize in efficient tablet repair, no matter the complexity of the problem.

Our team is ready to reacquaint you with your favorite piece of technology. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.