Hosted Voice Over IP

Hosted Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Reliable & Affordable VoIP and Non-VoIP (Standard Telephone) solutions.

Sys Logic offers a full array of Hosted Voice Over IP and also hosted PBX services that are both reliable and affordable in and around Mesquite and Canton, Texas. We tailor each system to fit your organization’s needs so whether you are a small business or a large enterprise we have a solution that is for you.

A Full-Service PBX Solution

Our voice solutions use all CISCO hardware and software so you can rest assured that your phone system solution will be both feature rich and robust. Our use of CISCO’s advanced technology allows us to reduce your capital expenditure on a new phone system by leveraging your current infrastructure (PRI/T1s) when it makes sense. At the same time, your system will be ready to take advantage of new technologies such as SIP/VOIP the moment you are ready for it.

We deploy the most current version of CISCO’s PBX software which has over 200 features and will help your organization realize a new level of communication efficiency. Whether it is Auto Attendant, Unlimited Phone Lines, Voicemail to Email, or any of the other 200 features a CISCO PBX offers we have you covered.

Hosted voice

VoIP and IP telephony is rapidly becoming the communication mechanism of choice for both small and large businesses. Hosted voice allows a company to save costs by not having to address on-premise phone issues nor does it have to contend with complex PBX issues. Hosted voice allows a very feature rich system at a very affordable price. Conventional copper lines (POTS) typically are associated with multiple monthly costs per line such as cost combined with long distance and local charges. Utilizing a hosted service or VoIP connected to an in-house PBX radically reduces these charges by up to seventy-five percent.

What are Some of the benefits of a Hosted VoIP System:

Lower cost, big savings- Place local and long distance calls & even international calls at a greatly reduced cost.

Easy to start, easy to set up- With a hosted voice, as long as one has an internet connection simply plug the phone in, receive an IP address then place calls immediately.

Anywhere employees

Employees can plug in and work from anywhere even at home.

Advanced feature rich system

Full phone tree, voicemail, forwarding, call recording, extension management plus numerous other features.

No more missed calls

Setup the system to handle multiple calls on the same number. The only real limitation is bandwidth dependent.

Hosted voice provides for no on-site PBX, no maintenance- Automatic Upgrades- Hosted VoIP phone systems are always being upgraded with new exciting features. Unlike on-site PBX systems which require extra licensing, these systems are always up to date with powerful new features. Here is a great article about the benefits of hosted VoIP’s. If you have any questions about a custom setup please don’t hesitate to contact us.