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What Apple Computer Problems can Your Local Technician Fix?

Apple products like the MacBook and iPhone are notorious for being in a league of their own when repair needs arise.

The issue with Apple products is that not every repair specialist is qualified to fix them, and many customers find themselves on a long waitlist for repairs from Apple’s own IT team.

Fortunately, our technology gurus have extensive experience with the unique qualities of Apple products and can help get your systems back in working order.

Here are some of the most common Apple computer problems we’ve encountered and fixed for our customers.

Screen Repairs

From cracked LCD screens to a poor connection between your Macbook’s screen and circuit board, our team of technicians has the tools and experience to replace your computer’s delicate screen.

Our phone & tablet repairs are accurate and save our customers precious time and money. Trust us when we say that there isn’t a screen we can’t fix.

Running Out of Disk Space

If your MacBook starts running slower because it’s run out of disk space, its poor performance will get frustrating, fast. The problem is that you may not understand what is actually slowing down your computer and could end up deleting valuable software and files that leave your computer in an even worse condition.

Apple computers are a completely different beast than their PC counterparts. So, it takes a true expert to know what programs should be running and what programs should go when your disk space starts to fill up.

Not only can we help speed up your computer, but we can also help you save deleted files on an external hard drive that you can access as you please once our job is complete.

Motherboard Repairs

As we’ve mentioned, dealing with Apple product repairs can seem impossible to the untrained techy. One of the most difficult repairs that we specialize in is when your Macbook’s motherboard power circuit goes AWOL.

When this happens, not even a simple battery replacement can recharge your computer. Motherboard power circuit repairs require a steady hand and a knowledgeable technician. We know how to safely navigate your motherboard and resolve the problem without triggering any further issues.

Network Mapping

In the commercial world, there are still many businesses that rely on network mapping to locally host their employee’s on a server. Based on how your Macbook is manufactured, mapping out a drive on an Apple computer can be a little trickier than with a PC.

However, an experienced local support specialist can help you successfully connect all of your business’ Apple computers to your desired local host.

Virus Removal

Although a MacBook is less likely than a PC to acquire a virus or malware, it still happens. Once a virus takes over your system, not only does your Macbook slow down, but your personal information is at risk.

When a virus strikes, there isn’t time for you to wait until your number is called up. Local Macbook network security technicians are well-versed in urgency and will be happy to help get your computer on their schedule in a timely manner.

Keep Your MacBook Running with Sys Logic Technology Services

If you have a MacBook that is on the fritz and you don’t want to wait in a long Apple queue or get forced into buying another piece of expensive equipment, Sys Logic Technology Services can help! Contact us today to get your MacBook on our repairman’s schedule.

Our team has the experience your Apple product needs to make essential repairs that keep your systems running smoothly after our work is complete. The best part is, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with us. There is no exhaustive wait or sense of uncertainty in our services.

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Why is a Tablet Repair Smarter Than a Replacement?

Tablets are excellent pieces of technology, but their biggest downfall is that without the right protection and maintenance, they are vulnerable to damages that diminish the quality of their performance.

From cracked screens to headphone jacks breaking off in the tablet’s port, there are many reasons why people find themselves stuck between seeking local tablet repair professionals and flat-out buying a new tablet.

Although a new tablet may seem like a great idea when your equipment is on the fritz, we are here to explain why tablet repair is an overall smarter resolution to your problem.

Your Repair May Not Be As Expensive As You Think

In the heat of the moment, even the slightest sign of tablet damage can seem disastrous. Fortunately, a local computer repair professional can help you determine the root of your problem. In many cases, issues with tablets can be resolved and your tech can function like new again.

A reputable professional will be honest about the repairs your tablet needs; whereas a salesperson will pretty much tell you anything to sell a pricey replacement.

Replacement Often Takes More Time

Generally, common tablet issues like a screen replacement can take between 45 minutes and a couple of hours for more complex fixes. While this may feel like a large chunk out of your day, tablet repairs are actually a huge time saver.

Not only do you skip the hours spent shopping for a new tablet that fits the budget of an emergency purchase, but you also save all of the time you’d spend replacing the data that you’ve lost from your old device.

Repairs Lead to Better Usability With Familiar Technology

New tablet models often come with brand new features that can catch unsuspecting new users off guard. Your technology should feel comfortable to use; and that’s why so many people hope that a tablet repair can solve their problem.

Once again, this is an instance when repairs save you time and allow you to jump right back into familiarity once our team fixes your tablet.

Repairs can Be Great for Your Home Life

Let’s face it, upgrading to new equipment each time something goes wrong with your tablet can be a general waste of resources. Even if, in the end, you do decide to upgrade your tablet over a repair, you could still put your older tablet to good use.

Everyone in a household would love a tablet of their own. So, get that broken tablet repaired and let your kids or other family members make good use of it. When the need arises for an extra tablet in the home, we guarantee that a repaired model will be less costly than a refurbished tablet bought from a manufacturer.

Repair Your Tablet with Sys Logic Technology Services

If you have a tablet that is physically damaged or malfunctioning, reach out to a local tablet repair professional before rushing out to a big-box retailer. At Sys Logic Technology Services, we specialize in efficient tablet repair, no matter the complexity of the problem.

Our team is ready to reacquaint you with your favorite piece of technology. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Tech Running Smoothly Year-Round

Spring is coming and many people are starting to prepare their spring cleaning plans. While tidying up around your home or business, make sure to take some time to give your commercial computer systems a little maintenance attention.

Throughout the year, photos are dumped to computers, apps add up, and worst of all, users become complacent with their now stale anti-virus software.

Here are some residential & commercial technology tips to guarantee smoother operations.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Documents, photos, and videos can easily clog up necessary space on personal and work devices. If your phone or computer is slowing down or sending threatening messages about storage availability, it’s time to look into moving files onto the cloud.

From Dropbox to Google Drive there are several free and affordable ways to organize your life’s content without taking up any physical space on your computer or in your home!

Get Rid of Software That You Aren’t Using

From software that’s collecting virtual dust to apps that you no longer need, there is always room to clear out your devices. Not only does this free up space on your tech, but it could also end up saving you money!

Some software and apps may charge an annual or monthly fee that you’ve unknowingly been paying for no reason. By reviewing what you don’t need anymore on your phone or computer, you could end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars a year.

Update Passwords on All Devices in your Network

If you aren’t in the habit of updating your device passwords every few months, now is the time to add that extra layer of security to your technology.

In a commercial setting, changing passwords frequently can help you:

  • Reduce the risk of a devastating breach
  • Prevent people from saving your older passwords
  • Prevent access from previous hacks

Credential theft has become a very common security threat to devices. So, changing your passwords every 90 days could help prevent your personal information from landing in the wrong hands.

Install Software & Network Updates

When it comes to your technology, you want the latest software updates running behind the scenes. Many people often see the prompt to update pop up on a device and figure they will just update it later when they have the time.

Failing to update your devices could lead to open security loopholes, an increase in lag time during use, and missing out on new features that are included in software updates.

Set some time aside and make sure that all of your device software is up to date and that you’re reaping all of the benefits of the technology you’ve paid for.

Run Your Anti-Virus

Finally, after updating your antivirus software, give it a run! Make sure that your devices show no trace of malware or other malicious viruses. If you do find something questionable, feel free to reach out to a computer repair expert for advice on the next steps to take to close this lapse in your computer network’s security.

Spring Cleaning Beyond Your Abilities? Sys Logic Technology Services can Help!

If you’ve started clearing out your tech and realize that there are problems at hand that extend beyond your abilities, don’t attempt a DIY repair, reach out to the professionals at Sys Logic Technology Services.

Our team of technicians has the experience to resolve any technical issues your devices may have. Trust us to help you save time and money on all of your technology repairs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services in your area.

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6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Advanced Server Security Solutions

When a business brings in new computers, one of the first steps taken is usually the installation of standard antivirus software. While these simple installations can protect your business to an extent, they aren’t a cure-all, and your system is still highly susceptible to viruses and breaches.

As a business, it’s critical to protect your data from any online dangers. Here are some of the biggest reasons why every business should implement advanced server security solutions.

Cyberattacks Without Security Are Inevitable

Even if you have a basic antivirus on your system, your next security attack is really a matter of “when.” Online threats are constantly evolving and you need more than a generic security plan to protect your data.

We can help your business develop advanced firewall solutions that block unwanted traffic and help your business:

  • Identify potential threats
  • Proactively track threats
  • Create a secure connection of communication between you and your customers, and more!

Trust our security methods to mitigate the threat of a breach and put your safety directly at your fingertips.

Commercial Recovery from an Attack is Expensive

Recovering from a cyberattack is a burden on financially liquid firms. For smaller businesses, one cyber attack could be enough to shut the doors for good. Once you’ve discovered a breach, the system usually has to go down in order to repair the damages and prevent future incidents.

This loss of productivity costs a business in potential sales, customer loyalty, and potential lawsuits from affected parties.

Breaches can Ruin Your Brand’s Reputation

If your business is exposed as an entity that’s suffered a substantial breach, the results can be devastating. In the eyes of many customers and potential business partners, one breach is enough to make them feel like their personal information is always at risk with your business.

Not only does this doubt lead to customers seeking out other locations to purchase items, but you could lose valuable vendor relationships. After all, they are businesses with their own clients to protect, and any affiliation with an exposed brand like yours could (in their eyes) have an adverse impact on their reputation in the marketplace.

Insider Issues Actually Happen

Internal trading and espionage may seem like intricate movie plots. However, internal breaches are prevalent, and your business should always be prepared to protect itself from a disgruntled employee who wants to wreck your reputation.

It can be challenging to determine who is an insider threat, up until the point of a severe breach. Trust a commercial technology services company to ensure that your business has the right protection in place that keeps any desperate threats away.

You Could Suffer Massive Data Loss

Unless you’ve backed up important data, a breach could mean that your business experiences a devastating loss. Without proper security measures in place, not only is your data now gone, but it’s in the hands of someone who could do some serious damage to your employees, partners, and customers.

Your Customers and Business Partners are at Severe Risk

When your system suffers a breach, it’s not just your business that takes the financial hit. Customer and business partner financial and personal information is severely compromised.

Should a hacker get a hold of private information like social security numbers or bank account numbers, their livelihood is at risk; and at the end of the day, your business’ lack of strategized security is at fault.

Keep Your Browsing Safer with Sys Logic Technology Services

Unfortunately, it’s so easy for a virus or outsider to reach your personal data and wreak havoc on your business. The team at Sys Logic Technology Services offers our solutions to commercial entities who have fallen victim to online breaches.

Not only can we help you remove viruses and restore systems back to working order, but we will also do everything possible to protect you and your customers from future attacks. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial computer services and to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Commercial Computer Services

Whether a business is large or small, the reliance on functional technology is inevitable for its success. However, computers and other office technologies can malfunction or outright fail, and most businesses need someone to turn to for IT support.

Here are five reasons why your business should partner with a company that provides reliable commercial computer services, over hiring in-house IT support that doesn’t always guarantee a solution for your computer problems.

1.  We Help Improve Overall Security

Protected data is essential for the success of your business. So, you’ll want a commercial computer service that can provide the security your data needs.

Sys Logic Technology Services is well-versed in computer networking and securing a business’ network. Our network security solutions ensure your protected information remains confidential.

If your business has already experienced a data breach, our team can quickly identify the issues with your current system and advise you on safer technologies to implement in order to avoid further security issues.

2.  Outsourced IT Support Saves Your Business Money

Employing a permanent IT person or team can become expensive for a company. This is especially true if yours is a newer company that doesn’t expect to run into technology problems very often.

An outsourced IT consultant like Sys Logic will only charge a flat rate for the necessary resolution to a technical problem.  We are also available to help install a commercial network and train your staff on the ins and outs of your technology. From there, we remain open for assistance should the need arise.

IT outsourcing is especially a money saving option if you know that your company is of a size that or complexity that require IT services every month.

3.  We can Help You Improve Productivity

When it comes to the usefulness of new technologies, IT outsourcing providers always have their ear to the ground. As your commercial computer services provider, we can work with you to understand your brand’s goals, and ultimately, help you implement the latest technology that helps you reach them.

Trust us to help you open your eyes to new technologies that:

  • Improve productivity
  • Lead your business towards expansion and growth
  • Ensure your business is one that is deemed competitive within its market

4.  Our Team can Handle Any Technological Crisis

Sometimes a computer or network error is one that goes beyond the average IT personnel’s experience. When this happens, productivity grinds to a halt and your business begins to fall behind.

Fortunately, an experienced team that provides commercial computer services is used to handling unexpected and at times severe computer or network problems. We can help you resolve your issue and then provide you with the network security solution you’ll need in order to prevent disaster from striking twice!

5.  We Provide Customized Service

Technological needs are different for every company we work with. Our expert support team takes its partnerships seriously. Trust us to customize your technology services in order to meet your unique needs.

Customized commercial computer services allow your business to gain professional insight from IT professionals that specialize in the following commercial areas:

  • IT support technology and planning
  • Server and hardware installation
  • Server and hardware maintenance
  • Software installation and updates
  • Business continuation planning, and more!

Experience Superior Commercial Computer Services with Sys Logic Technology Services

If your small business needs commercial computer services that cover all of the possible bases, Sys Logic Technology Services can provide you with the IT care you need. We offer complete IT outsourcing to local businesses and regional businesses that helps from initial setup to providing on-call support when a crisis arises.

We are East Texas’s most trusted technology services provider and are ready to show your business why! Contact us today to learn more about our commercial computer services.

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What are the 4 Most Common Commercial Network Issues?

Most commercial businesses rely on networking to allow for smooth day-to-day operations. Networking provides several advantages to a commercial entity like business growth and money saving resources.

However, like all technology, problems come up and disrupt the overall flow of your internal computer network. While some issues may be as simple as a misplaced router, some problems may require the help of a networking services professional.

Here’s a look at four of the most common commercial networking problems, and how Sys Logic Technology Services can help.

Duplicate IP Addresses

Although duplicate IP address issues are rare when IP addresses are automatically assigned to computers in a network, problems can arise when assigning static IP addresses on a network. This creates the issue of duplicate IP addresses that ties up the two offending pieces of equipment until the problem is resolved.

Wireless Sluggishness

You could be paying for the best internet services and still experience a slow network that diminishes productivity. This can be a networking problem that leaves users scratching their heads, however, the solution is actually quite simple.

Your slow network could be the result of a misplaced wireless router experiencing interference. Network sluggishness can also be caused by a faulty switch or a PC that is infected with a virus. In some cases the wireless router simply needs to be rebooted.

A Workstation Can’t Connect to Your Network

If a single piece of equipment can’t connect to your network, and every other device around it can, this is an IT problem that requires a professional touch for an effective solution.

Our team can run numerous tests on a device’s cables, wifi connectivity, potential software problems, and more. We know exactly what to look for, and can quickly get your faulty workstation back on track.

Lack of Network Security

Finally, lack of network security is one of the biggest issues that plagues a commercial business. Corporations and small businesses alike, rely on secure networks to transfer important data between devices. Without proper security in place, information can fall into the wrong hands and hackers can gain access to data that can bring your business to the ground.

Don’t let poor cyber security put your business at risk. Trust our security team to install computer network firewalls that will identify and block out unwanted traffic before it becomes a threat to your business’ well-being.

Resolve Your Commercial IT Issues With Sys Logic Technology Services

If you are the leader of a company that relies on a computer network to meet your business’ goals, you shouldn’t have to worry about the reliability of your technology. Networking issues slow down productivity and put your business at risk.

Trust the experts of Sys Logic Technology Services to help your commercial location overcome any flaws in its network. From basic resolutions to advanced IT problems, our team can get your network back on track.

Contact us today to schedule our services for your network issue.