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How to Protect Your Law Enforcement Tech From Cyberthreats

Data breaches within large, seemingly secured entities have become a more prevalent technology threat for several industries. Unfortunately, with its access to criminal records, and confidential case information, the law enforcement sector is a prime target for ransomware attacks that hold valuable data and systems hostage until an entity pays out.

Law enforcement groups in the past that have fallen victim to ransomware attacks, found their total communication and data systems tied up until they were either forced to pay the price or lost valuable data to cybercriminals.

As technology evolves and reports of new cyber threats continue to climb, there has never been a more important time for law enforcement agencies to take their data security seriously.

Here are some of the quickest first steps an entity can take toward stronger cybersecurity.

Stay Educated on the Latest Security Threats

Education is key to taking a proactive stance against cybercrimes. However, not every department has the time or manpower to dedicate to thwarting ever-evolving network security threats. A CJIS-cleared company like Sys Logic Technology Services could be a useful tool that takes some weight off of your department’s shoulders and provides your force with the knowledge and guidance it needs to protect valuable information.

Make a Third-Party IT Team a Priority

As a law enforcement agency, your job is to protect the communities in your jurisdiction; but who protects you and your valuable data? Our biggest suggestion for blocking phishers and ransomware attacks at their roots is to hire an official third-party IT team to do the technological heavy lifting for you.

Our foundation rests in assisting law enforcement agencies with their technology needs. Our team is vetted, fingerprinted, and CIS-cleared to properly handle the systems and data your department needs to be secured.

Our team can assist your department with the following data protection services:

  • Technology audits
  • Installation of mechanisms that alert of possible data breaches
  • The implementation of self-defending networks

All of the technology services we provide fall within CJIS compliance and our proactive approach helps ensure that your department worries less about the quality of the data protection plans it has in place.

Regularly Update Your Systems

Your tech’s software and anti-viruses need to be up-to-date in order to remain effective for your equipment. While this can be a task that is easily forgotten in the buzz of a busy station, your anti-virus and malware software should be set to automatically update and scan your systems for any questionable activities.

As long as you continue to respond to your software’s recommendations to update, your systems should remain protected from the latest ransomware efforts.

Backup, Backup, Backup

All of your data should be backed up on separate servers that aren’t connected to the main system that they are backing up. Despite some of your best efforts to protect your data, breaches can still occur and having your data backed up can help your department respond faster to threats and not give in to the demands of malicious thieves.

Gain Trusted Technology Assistance Through Sys Logic Technology Services

If your law enforcement or government municipality has recently suffered an expensive ransomware attack or experienced a related data breach, the team at Sys Logic Technology Services can help protect you against further attacks.

Contact us today to learn more about our preventative services and ongoing IT work in the law enforcement field. We’re ready to help protect you while you protect our communities.

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Tips for Keeping Your Macbook Secure

Macbooks are personal computers that are entirely in a league of their own. So much so, that keeping them secure from cyber threats requires specific steps that go beyond protecting the average laptop.

If you’ve recently come into ownership of a Macbook, you’ll want to ensure that your personal information stays personal. Here are some simple tips for keeping your data secure and out of the hands of cyber thieves.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

The worst that can happen is actually very bad. Identity theft is one of the biggest crimes that gets committed when a thief steals private information from a Macbook or laptop.

You may not even realize that your identity is stolen until the next time you need your credit checked or if you start receiving bills in the mail you’ve never heard of. It can take years to recover from an identity thief, so it’s best to stay proactive and practice some of these standards, Mac-specific security steps.

Regularly Update Your Mac Software

The easiest way to protect your Macbook from hackers is to regularly update your software. Software updates are literally made to patch up any loopholes that cyber threats have found in older versions.

So, while waiting for your Macbook to update may not seem like an ideal way to spend your time, it’s still an excellent preventative measure to keep your data protected in the long term.

Look for a Mac Anti-Virus

Apple has a lot of built-in protection tools that are effective against cyber threats, but using them alone isn’t enough to guarantee 100 percent protection. Ransomware, spyware, and phishing attacks are all problems that even the latest Apple protection can fall victim to.

Standard anti-virus programs won’t typically protect your Macbook, so be on the lookout for Mac-friendly products that use advanced protection and removal for issues like:

  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Phishing Breaches

Surf the Web on a Private Browser

Although Safari and Google Chrome are two of the most popular web browsers, they don’t offer the most private experience during a web search. If you really want to protect your web browsing against threats, we recommend these private browsers that leave your IP and browsing information out in the open:

  • Brave – Doesn’t store your browsing data and allows for advanced privacy customization
  • Tor – Provides multi-layer encryption of your data and has great anti-spy protection

Two-Factor Authentication Works

iCloud offers an excellent security resource in two-factor authentication. When you implement this into your browsing practices, a one-time generated password is sent to your phone that must be entered along with your standard password.

This means that even if you haven’t changed your passwords in ages and hackers have this information, they still will have quite a difficult time accessing your data.

What to Do If Your Computer is Compromised?

If you find signs that you have a malware virus or that someone has been sneaking onto your computer without your permission, the first thing you should do is follow the above steps and then take your Macbook into a certified Apple repair shop.

A team like the qualified team at Sys Logic Technology Services will be able to help you find the root of your Macbook problem and come up with a solution that salvages your data and puts you in a position to start being proactive with your protection.

Get Your Macbook Back in Shape with Sys Logic Technology Services

As a local provider of Macbook repairs, we are a faster, more affordable solution that won’t just direct you to the next upgrade. Trust the technology experts at Sys Logic Technology Services to alleviate any issues and help you get your Macbook into working order.

From software issues to physical repairs, Sys Logic has a plan for every piece of equipment we are presented with.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our team members.

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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Outsource IT Management

Whether you’re a small startup or an up-and-coming corporation, chances are, your business relies on computers and related technologies to meet daily business goals.

IT Management is a very common and important sector of any business that ensures that everything technology-related runs to plan. Although many businesses create an in-house team to meet these needs, it’s also extremely beneficial for a company to outsource its IT management.

Here are five reasons why you should put a halt to hiring a new team and consider outsourcing opportunities for your IT management.

1. More Resources for Your Business

When you don’t have to focus your budget on funding a forever IT team, it becomes easier to allocate your money toward practices that truly move your business forward.

Not only that but investing in an outsourced team that has experience with your industry’s IT helps mitigate any tech issues that would eat up time and money that your business’ success depends on.

2. IT Management Saves You Time and Money

Some companies even forgo an IT team altogether and try to approach commercial computer repairs and processes from a DIY standpoint. Over time, you could eventually figure out the solution to your problem, but the unfortunate fact is that you would have spent a lot of time and a lot of money on several trial-and-error projects until you got it right.

With outsourced IT management, you can reach out to your trusted team with your problem and rest easy knowing that they’ll be able to resolve your problem on the first try.

3. Guaranteed Qualified & Experienced Management

Just because your team is “qualified” doesn’t mean that they’ll be effective when an IT need arises. An outsourced IT management team spends all of its time learning new IT practices and honing its skills.

You should always approach your business tech repairs like you would plumbing repairs. A new plumber may be qualified to work on your latest leak, but wouldn’t you rather have a master plumber come in and guarantee that the job is done correctly and in a reasonable amount of time?

Outsourced IT managers are the master plumbers of our industry. So, trust us to guarantee experienced services no matter what you need.

4. Easily Apply New Technologies to Your Practices

When you’re ready to add new technology to your business, an outsourced IT team can save you the time and headache of in-house installation.

An in-house team would need to learn the new technology, fiddle with the correct setup, and perform several tests to ensure that the new equipment is functioning. This could take your own team days.

However, an outsourced team is constantly experimenting with new technologies and is likely to have already worked with the systems that you want to install. They’ll be able to get your operations up and running and help you increase your competitive advantage in the industry.

5. Outsourced Professionals Keep Your Data Secure

Updating your technology’s security systems is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. Online threats are always evolving, so you need ample protection to keep your data secure.

It can be difficult to keep up with on your own, and expensive to have a team that only has to perform their duties once every few months. With outsourcing services, you can have a qualified team, on-hands, to implement appropriate firewalls and software updates. The best part is that you pay for outsourced services when you need them.

Make the Outsourcing Decision Simple with Sys Logic Technology Services

If you’re ready for your business to start saving money and increasing its technological potential, it’s time to look into outsourcing from Sys Logic Technology Services. We are a team of technology specialists based in Canton, Texas, that are eager to help you meet all of your IT and technology repair needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and what we can bring to your company.

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Is Your Tablet Beyond Repair?

Tablets have quickly become electronic devices that we all rely on. However, although they are powerful pieces of technology, they still have a shelf life and can experience technical difficulties that will require your tablet to be repaired.

If your tablet shows signs of wear or starts glitching, here are some symptoms to look out for that indicate the need for a repair or total equipment replacement.

Problems With Your Touch Sensors

Over time, the touch screen on your tablet will eventually give out and require a replacement. After all, if your touch sensors aren’t working properly, your tablet is no longer useful.

However, if your tablet is only a couple of years old and experiencing this issue, make sure to take it to a professional for an examination before rushing out to buy a new tablet. Touch screens are sensitive to dust, so, perhaps a professional cleaning could resolve the problem.

The Battery Drains Quickly

If your battery is no longer able to hold at least an eight-hour charge before needing a boost, this is a sign that your tablet needs to be repaired or replaced.

Before giving up on your quickly draining battery, make sure to turn off all background running apps and turn on the battery saver mode built into your device.

If these solutions still leave you with a dead tablet after a full charge, it may be time to get your battery replaced or look into a tablet upgrade with better battery life.

Your Software has Failed

If you don’t regularly update the software on your tablet, eventually your device will slow down and become in need of repairs. Although software malfunctions are a common problem, without an extended warranty, they could become a source of costly repairs and replacements.

You’ve Run Out of Storage Space

Unless you have an Android tablet that allows for an external SD card that adds storage, running out of space is a big problem.

Without the possibility of an Android storage extension you only have two options:

  1. Remove some of your pictures to an external hard drive or cloud storage
  2. Get a new tablet that allows for more storage capabilities

Poor Wi-Fi Connectivity

If your tablet continuously disconnects from wi-fi and won’t reconnect until after several attempts, it’s time to take it in for an inspection. This issue can be confusing for someone who is inexperienced with the inner workings of a tablet.

Fortunately, the experts at Sys Logic Technology Services can help you find out why your device isn’t making a connection and guide you toward the next steps of repair or replacement.

Find Out if Your Tablet can Be Fixed with Sys Logic Technology Services

If your tablet is on the fritz and you don’t know what your next move should be, reach out to the tech support team at Sys Logic Technology Services for help. We have experience with quickly determining the problem with your device and coming up with an affordable, effective solution.

We offer honest services and will always do our best to get your equipment back in working shape. However, if it’s time for your tablet to retire, we will always let you know, with zero hidden services and fees involved.

Contact us today to schedule your tablet checkup with Sys Logic Technology Services.

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What Apple Computer Problems can Your Local Technician Fix?

Apple products like the MacBook and iPhone are notorious for being in a league of their own when repair needs arise.

The issue with Apple products is that not every repair specialist is qualified to fix them, and many customers find themselves on a long waitlist for repairs from Apple’s own IT team.

Fortunately, our technology gurus have extensive experience with the unique qualities of Apple products and can help get your systems back in working order.

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