Lenovo for Small Business

Whether you’re nurturing a startup or adding fuel to a booming enterprise, Lenovo is the first choice for your SMB needs. Lenovo offers an array of progressively designed, yet reliable hardware options to help drive your small business down the road to success. 

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Feature-Rich Additions to Thinkserver Family

Lenovo expands its ThinkServer enterprise portfolio with an all-new 2P tower server and DAS enclosure and enhanced 2P rack servers. Addressing a wide array of workloads and packed with features, they’re ideal for small businesses to mid-sized data centers.

Compact & Versatile for Business

Enjoy ultimate flexibility with our enterprise-class, 1U, single-socket new ThinkServer RS140 rack server. The compact form factor features a 16.2″ chassis and delivers outstanding support for embedded graphics CPUs. Learn more about the RS140

Enterprise-Class. Outstanding Value.

From growing small businesses to enterprise workloads, Lenovo’s rack and tower servers meet your business-critical demands with legendary THINK quality and reliability, while maximizing your budget. Pair your ThinkServer with a Lenovo storage device to protect, manage, and share your data.

ThinkServer Rack Servers

Balanced Design. Built for Business. For cloud deployments, database, or virtualization workloads, trust ThinkServer rack servers for the right balance of performance, power-efficient designs, & extensive standard features that deliver an impressive ROI. Power your line-of-business applications, & easily run your critical workloads.

ThinkServer Tower Servers

Workload Hungry. Budget Friendly. ThinkServer tower servers provide the performance, reliability, & easy-to-use tools to power your file/print and point-of-sale workloads. Perfect for small databases, basic virtualization, & office applications. Compact & whisper-quiet—ideal for distributed environments or remote offices.

ThinkServer SA120

ThinkServer SA120 provides versatile, high-density direct storage that’s ideal for small businesses, distributed enterprises, or data centers.

Modular and Scalable

ThinkServer SA120 direct attach storage offers enormous expansion, with twelve 3.5” high capacity front-panel drive bays, up to two I/O controllers, and four optional rear-panel 2.5” SSD drive bays to improve throughput. Coupled with ThinkServer host servers configured with LSI® CacheCade technology, these SSD drives enable the ThinkServer SA120 to provide additional cache, low latency, and deliver amazing IOPS improvements. This clever, scalable design provides an optimal tiered storage solution.

Customer Focused Design

With legendary Think design and enterprise-grade reliability, the ThinkServer SA120 provides peace of mind. Its innovative storage design combines large capacity near-line 3.5” drives and lightning-fast 2.5” drives to provide a perfect solution for customers who require high performance and maximum capacity – at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical storage area network choices. Servicing the SA120 is easy with toolless components, hot-swap fans, and power supplies. It shares common parts with ThinkServer rack and tower servers for simplified management.

Impressive Features, Great Value

Featuring the latest high-performance SSD choices from Intel®, ThinkServer SA120 delivers the fast response and low latency you demand. ThinkServer SA120 offers high efficiency 80 PLUS redundant power supplies to keep your business running smoothly and to reduce power consumption. Plus, if you need fast, professional service help, Lenovo provides an impressive array of warranty upgrades and rapid-response services. Combining these rich features with competitive prices and a standard 3-year warranty, the ThinkServer SA120 offers an impressive value.

Professional Redefined

The new 14″ ThinkPad X1 Carbon starts at just 2.83 lbs, yet it’s durable with carbon-fiber construction and packed with premium features like an Adaptive Keyboard that changes automatically with apps, RapidCharge battery technology, a patented cooling system, and a stunning ThinkPad ColorBurst Display.

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