Tablet Repair

The team at Sys Logic can fix any tablet no matter what brand, or model.

  • Amazon
  • iPad
  • Samsung 
  • Microsoft
  • Lenovo
  • Google
  • LG

We can repair the following tablet issues:

Screen Repair

If you break your tablet screen, we can help you fix it! Replacing a broken screen can be expensive and render the phone completely useless if done wrong. Our team can repair your screen and save you hundreds of dollars in the process!


Battery Replacement

In a perfect world, your tablet battery would last forever. Unfortunately, over time your battery quality degrades or in some cases, completely malfunctions. Depending on how you use your tablet, the battery can wear out relatively quickly.


Charge Port Repair

In some cases, your charge port can become damaged to the point where it no longer works. We understand the frustration of trying to relax, use your tablet, and not being able to charge it.


Home Button Replacement

On your tablet, your home button is a central part of your user experience. If it malfunctions or stops working at any point, using your tablet turns into a very frustrating experience. Navigating through your applications, or getting from one screen to the next, will become cumbersome. We can replace or repair your home button on an iPad, Samsung, LG, or Google tablet!


Tablet Camera Repair

Cameras are an integral part of your daily life as that’s how most people interact with the world and utilize social media. We all know how important it is to have a working camera, to capture life’s precious moments. When your camera needs fixing, bring it to the experts at sys logic technology.


Data Recovery

Your tablet is a must if you want to navigate everyday life. We use these devices to interact with our environment daily. They make us more productive as well as provide us with quick entertainment on the go. Because of that, it’s important to take the time to protect your data from unexpected loss. It would be tragic to lose your contacts, calendar information, music, and more. The team at Sys Logic can help you recover any lost data immediately and completely revive your tablet when this happens. We have saved countless tablets from data loss and quickly restored them back to working order.


With our swift and professional service, you will be taking pictures, reading, and surfing the net again soon. We can handle most physical damage issues. Forget about waiting two or three days for service. In most cases, our master technicians offer same-day, in-house repairs, and we stand behind our work.


If you need help with repairing your tablet, feel free to give us a call at (903) 224-0088 or send an email to