Cleaning the system unit of a desktop computer from dust with a vacuum cleaner

Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Tech Running Smoothly Year-Round

Spring is coming and many people are starting to prepare their spring cleaning plans. While tidying up around your home or business, make sure to take some time to give your commercial computer systems a little maintenance attention.

Throughout the year, photos are dumped to computers, apps add up, and worst of all, users become complacent with their now stale anti-virus software.

Here are some residential & commercial technology tips to guarantee smoother operations.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Documents, photos, and videos can easily clog up necessary space on personal and work devices. If your phone or computer is slowing down or sending threatening messages about storage availability, it’s time to look into moving files onto the cloud.

From Dropbox to Google Drive there are several free and affordable ways to organize your life’s content without taking up any physical space on your computer or in your home!

Get Rid of Software That You Aren’t Using

From software that’s collecting virtual dust to apps that you no longer need, there is always room to clear out your devices. Not only does this free up space on your tech, but it could also end up saving you money!

Some software and apps may charge an annual or monthly fee that you’ve unknowingly been paying for no reason. By reviewing what you don’t need anymore on your phone or computer, you could end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars a year.

Update Passwords on All Devices in your Network

If you aren’t in the habit of updating your device passwords every few months, now is the time to add that extra layer of security to your technology.

In a commercial setting, changing passwords frequently can help you:

  • Reduce the risk of a devastating breach
  • Prevent people from saving your older passwords
  • Prevent access from previous hacks

Credential theft has become a very common security threat to devices. So, changing your passwords every 90 days could help prevent your personal information from landing in the wrong hands.

Install Software & Network Updates

When it comes to your technology, you want the latest software updates running behind the scenes. Many people often see the prompt to update pop up on a device and figure they will just update it later when they have the time.

Failing to update your devices could lead to open security loopholes, an increase in lag time during use, and missing out on new features that are included in software updates.

Set some time aside and make sure that all of your device software is up to date and that you’re reaping all of the benefits of the technology you’ve paid for.

Run Your Anti-Virus

Finally, after updating your antivirus software, give it a run! Make sure that your devices show no trace of malware or other malicious viruses. If you do find something questionable, feel free to reach out to a computer repair expert for advice on the next steps to take to close this lapse in your computer network’s security.

Spring Cleaning Beyond Your Abilities? Sys Logic Technology Services can Help!

If you’ve started clearing out your tech and realize that there are problems at hand that extend beyond your abilities, don’t attempt a DIY repair, reach out to the professionals at Sys Logic Technology Services.

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