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Simple Tips for Being the IT Guru at Your Family’s Holiday

Every year, families around Texas gather around for the holidays. During these events, new tech gadgets are gifted, and the age old question is inevitably asked around the dinner table; “Can you help me figure this (insert issue here) out with my (insert tech here)?”

The team at Sys Logic Technology Services understands the importance of getting this question answered. However, while we can’t be present at everyone’s holiday this year, we can provide you with some simple tips that will help get easy fixes resolved and technologies running smoother for the rest of the season.

Encourage Standard Operating Systems (OS) Updates

When new equipment comes out the OS that supports them is generally the most advanced version being used amongst a brand’s products. Although there can be complications with updating an older phone or computer with a new OS the day of release, these issues are typically resolved quickly.

In order to ensure that your family is on the same technological page this season we do recommend researching latest updates and performing them if you feel comfortable.

The benefits of OS updates include:

  • Improved device speed
  • Added features
  • Fixes to known vulnerabilities in existing software

Ensure that Antivirus and Anti-Malware is Up and Running

New laptops are an exciting gift for the holiday season, but not all of them come equipped with the necessary protection against online threats. As part of your gift to your loved one, or out of the goodness of your heart, take a moment to help them set up antivirus and anti-malware software.

As far as antivirus software goes, there are several affordable antivirus options available that you could easily implement on their equipment. Also, an affordable anti-malware software like Malwarebytes is something that can prove useful if your loved one wants to keep their private data private.

Change Passwords Where Necessary

Sometimes family members may pose questions about their technology that hint at the underlying issue that they have been hacked. This means that it’s time for some password changes. Although it may seem simple to the tech savvy, navigating through numerous settings and accounts menus can be tedious for some.

Although password changes can be tough to achieve sometimes, they are essential to protecting valuable and private information. We recommend that tech users update their passwords to major devices and accounts at least every three months.

If you find that a loved one needs help this season with their technological security, make sure to be the family member that is able to lend a helping hand.

Update Browser Extensions

If a loved one expresses that their laptop is running slower than normal and asks you to peek around for problems, look for strange browser extensions. Although they can be fun, fast ways for people to get to specific places on the internet, sometimes these browser extensions are accidentally installed and can end up slowing down a laptop or even threatening the security of its system.

Regardless of the laptop brand or browser that your loved one is using, there are several simple tutorials available online that can help you quickly define and delete unnecessary or dangerous extensions.

Need More Extensive IT Help, Sys Logic Technology Services Has You Covered

If your family’s technology questions extend into the realms of actual computer repairs, tablet repairs, or complex support, you shouldn’t have to worry about being the hero. Sys Logic Technology Services is available to help you and your loved ones sort out your technological troubles.

From computer repairs to extensive virus removal, our team specializes in offering superior support solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment with our specialists.