Server Sales and Maintenance

Server Maintenance Services for Your Company

Servers are at the heart of your  network. These machines work 24 x 7 to ensure that your site stays online without running into frequent downtime. However, they are machines. You must take care of them to make them work at their optimal condition. But how will you do that? That’s where Sys Logic Technology Services comes in. We provide a wide range of server sales and maintenance services that keep your systems and computer network updated. These maintenance upgrades avoid loss of data and keep your system safe and secure.

Maintenance services

At Sys Logic Technology Services, we offer a variety of server management solutions that prevent server failures. It also reduces the risks of cyber criminals hacking into your system. Wondering what maintenance service we offer? Please keep reading.

Checking disc usage

Your server system is not an archive where you can store tons of data. The more you block your server with data, the slower it gets for users. We will not let that happen. Our server doctors will frequently check the data usage of your server. If we find that it doesn’t have sufficient space, we will inform you to delete old emails, s/w versions, and anything that takes unnecessary space. We advise everyone to have a smaller data footprint to make their server work optimally.

Updating your operating system

Keeping your network’s operating system updated will keep cyber criminals away. Every operating system comes with security and feature updates that make them work smoothly. We can help update your server’s operating system to add more security to your network. Sys Logic Technology Services uses automated patch management tools to install the updates. It works as the ideal alternative to outdated security systems. Sometimes we also update servers manually because you may not need all the updates that come your way. You can hire us for scheduled maintenance services to keep your server safe.

Checking hardware issues

Hardware issues can lead to significant downtime for your server. Unfortunately, these issues are not a one-off situation. They can happen suddenly, and you need to stay prepared for such instances. Hiring Sys Logic Technology Services will solve these problems immediately. We review your server’s log for hardware problems, such as network failure, disk read error, or anything similar. Although these issues look rare, you don’t know when they might hit you. They don’t provide any symptoms before occurring. 

Your server will support your entire network, provided you treat it well. Server maintenance is a crucial part of any business that wants to flourish by staying online for customers 24 x 7. There’s no two way to it. Luckily, you have Sys Logic Technology Services to help keep your server updated throughout the year for a seamless performance.  Give us a call today at (903) 224-0088 for a free consultation on how our company can help you with your server needs!