iPhone Loading Slowly

Top Reasons Why Your iPhone Experiences Lag

The iPhone has been a technology staple for well over a decade. Consumers love these Apple products because they are known for their user-friendliness and technological speed. However, the thrill of a new cell phone quickly goes downhill when it starts to slow down. Fortunately, this isn’t always a signal that it’s time to get a new phone.

Here are some of the top reasons why your iPhone could experience lag during use and how you can easily solve the problem.

You’re Running Out of Space

Your iPhone may be a top-of-the-line piece of equipment, but these technological wonders can only hold so much information before slowing down. Every phone has its own storage capacity, and users need to remember that every picture taken and every application downloaded takes up precious space.

Once the slowdown starts, the solution is simple. Log into your phone’s “settings” and make your way to the “manage storage” section in your phone. Take a look at what’s bogging down your phone and decide if it’s really worth keeping. Fortunately, precious photos and music clips can be saved to computers and external storage.

After you’ve either relocated or deleted content on your phone, get ready to amp up your speed until the inevitable brakes kick in again.

You Have Too Many Apps in Play

Even if you aren’t using that gaming app or Facebook all of the time, unless you close these apps down, they continue running and slow down your phone. If you find that you haven’t used a specific app in a while, delete it! Also, turning off automatic updates on your most popular apps can help bring your iPhone back to a satisfying performance level.

Out of Date Software

Age is much more than just a number when it comes to the software on your phone. As each software update passes without action on your behalf, the slower your iPhone becomes. Apple even admits to slowing down older phones with each update in order to keep the phone “functional.”

Aside from physically upgrading your phone to a modern model, you can easily speed up your phone by biting the bullet and letting your software update if there’s one available. If you’ve updated and still have a slow-running phone, it may be time for a tech team to take a deeper dive into what is making your phone a frustration.

Your Phone May Just Need a Reset

This seems like an obvious solution, but sometimes your phone’s temperature or random glitches in its software simply need to be reset. You can live a few minutes a day without your phone. So, if you find that your product is lagging, make a reset your first attempt to refuel your iPhone to its original (or close to) speed.

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