Broken Smartphone

Most Common Issues with Smart Phones

Smartphones are a necessity of everyday life

We rely on them to entertain us, make us more productive and interact with the world in new and exciting ways. While smartphone designs have gotten better and more efficient over time, things can still go wrong. Because we use them so often, they are exposed to non-stop wear and tear from checking our phones and launching apps.

If you’re having issues with your smartphone, and need help figuring out what it is, we can help! Below we have outlined some of the most common issues you’ll run into with smartphones. If you need to get your smartphone fixed, whether it’s an iPhone or a Galaxy, feel free to give us a call to setup an appointment. (903) 224-0088

The Battery Drains Too Fast

Launching applications, leaving notifications on, checking apps constantly and using your GPS all drain your battery. If you want your phone to last, you should shut down apps and only leave notifications on that matter to you. Even when you do this, over time your battery will slowly wear down to the point where it may even malfunction. If this happens, you’ll either need to send your smartphone in and get a new one or get it fixed locally.

It Won’t Hold a Charge

We deal with a lot of smartphones that won’t hold a charge. Sometimes this can be as simple as swapping your charger or cleaning out your charger port. Third party chargers can also wear out faster than native chargers. More often than not, if your phone won’t hold a charge, the battery is completely dead and you’ll have to get it replaced.

Your Phone Freezes Too Much

Depending on your own usage patterns, your phone will freeze more or less often than the average. Some of us launch multiple applications at one time clicking thru as many as we possibly can. This can cause your smartphone to freeze more often than not and also wear down the battery faster than usual. If your phone is freezing too much, try restarting it or letting the battery drain.

Broken Screen

We take our phones everywhere from late night concerts, hiking treks through the wilderness to dinner and drinks with friends. If on average we check our phones every 15 minutes, we have a lot of chances to drop our phones and shatter the screen. Your smartphone’s design and sleekness are a big selling point so a plastic exterior won’t do.

If you have any questions about the above issues or would like to set up a consultation, contact us now or give us a call! (903) 224-0088