iPhone Back Glass Repair Services

Sys Logic Technology Services LLC is one of the few companies who is able to replace the back glass on an iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro max and iPhone XR locally.

Our Iphone repair shop uses cutting edge laser technology to remove the cracked back glass from your iPhone, and replace it with a brand new back glass.

How we repair the back glass on your iPhone:

Our Canton Tx repair lab has one of the few, state-of-the-art 2nd generation Back Glass Housing Separator Laser Marking Machines that is able to separate the back glass in minutes. The separation is perfect, the housing remains intact.

Your precious iPhone cracked back screen is growing increasingly larger by the day. It is now your goal to get the device repaired in order to avoid further damage to the phone and your fingers.

Not only can a broken iPhone back screen cut your fingers and hands, it is simply difficult to continue sending text messages and emails with such damage. Even the simplest task such as holding your device while waiting for the train to arrive could become a bloody disaster. If you’re in dire need of an iPhone 8 back glass repair, continue reading to learn what your options are.

What can you do to ensure your iPhone is repaired in the most professional manner?

DIY repairs can lead to tons of future complications such as screen malfunctioning in the form of unnecessary freezing, etc. For a full list of iPhone 8 troubleshooting tips, check out another article from The Beat, in which we cover this topic in more detail.

In terms of preventative measures that can be taken, there are a few that will assist in reducing the risk of injury and to avoid showing off your iPhone’s new not-so-fashionable look. First, you can purchase a protective case – there are tons that are waterproof and even shatter-proof. You can also avoid texting while walking, as this has the potential to result in cracked or damaged rear glass.

If you’re out of warranty with Apple, repairs can go well into the hundreds, raising the question: Why didn’t I just purchase a new device for a bit more? You can eliminate this question and others you might have by fixing the glass with us.

Sys Logic Technology Services Should be Your go to Location for Iphone repairs

When you are looking for Iphone repair services Sys Logic Technology Service is the best option for phone repairs in your area. We can handle the most difficult Iphone quickly and efficiently. Contact us today and get your phone fixed.