Commercial Computer Services

IT Consulting, Computer Repair, Network Analysis and Network Engineering

Every system is unique. Your needs and expectations will be unique. Sys Logic Technology Services employee takes a preventative maintenance philosophy. Systems must be disaster tolerant in today’s business climate. Sys Logic Technology Services approach to assured reliability is twofold, server or system redundancy and preventative maintenance. Server and or hardware component redundancy is universally accepted as the most practical hardware means of avoiding complete system failure on critical systems. Our team’s preemptive maintenance program enables detection of potential problems; fixes are implemented early and subsystems are kept running at optimal efficiency. While we are skilled in many different areas, the following shows our core specializations.

Sys Logic Technology Services has been dedicated to providing quality service to you as an independent service provider. We support a broad range of phone, computer systems, peripherals, and network and communication systems. Among them are, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Watchguard, Mikrotik, Ubiquity to name but a few. We offer a superlative level of service, backed by over a quarter century of experience, and factory-trained engineers. Our highly skilled technical staff is knowledgeable with regard to a range of hardware and software. Staff expertise is continually updated by manufacturers’ training programs. This is critical for long-term support for your network, wireless, firewalls and computer systems with the technological changes that are occurring on a daily basis.