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6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Advanced Server Security Solutions

When a business brings in new computers, one of the first steps taken is usually the installation of standard antivirus software. While these simple installations can protect your business to an extent, they aren’t a cure-all, and your system is still highly susceptible to viruses and breaches.

As a business, it’s critical to protect your data from any online dangers. Here are some of the biggest reasons why every business should implement advanced server security solutions.

Cyberattacks Without Security Are Inevitable

Even if you have a basic antivirus on your system, your next security attack is really a matter of “when.” Online threats are constantly evolving and you need more than a generic security plan to protect your data.

We can help your business develop advanced firewall solutions that block unwanted traffic and help your business:

  • Identify potential threats
  • Proactively track threats
  • Create a secure connection of communication between you and your customers, and more!

Trust our security methods to mitigate the threat of a breach and put your safety directly at your fingertips.

Commercial Recovery from an Attack is Expensive

Recovering from a cyberattack is a burden on financially liquid firms. For smaller businesses, one cyber attack could be enough to shut the doors for good. Once you’ve discovered a breach, the system usually has to go down in order to repair the damages and prevent future incidents.

This loss of productivity costs a business in potential sales, customer loyalty, and potential lawsuits from affected parties.

Breaches can Ruin Your Brand’s Reputation

If your business is exposed as an entity that’s suffered a substantial breach, the results can be devastating. In the eyes of many customers and potential business partners, one breach is enough to make them feel like their personal information is always at risk with your business.

Not only does this doubt lead to customers seeking out other locations to purchase items, but you could lose valuable vendor relationships. After all, they are businesses with their own clients to protect, and any affiliation with an exposed brand like yours could (in their eyes) have an adverse impact on their reputation in the marketplace.

Insider Issues Actually Happen

Internal trading and espionage may seem like intricate movie plots. However, internal breaches are prevalent, and your business should always be prepared to protect itself from a disgruntled employee who wants to wreck your reputation.

It can be challenging to determine who is an insider threat, up until the point of a severe breach. Trust a commercial technology services company to ensure that your business has the right protection in place that keeps any desperate threats away.

You Could Suffer Massive Data Loss

Unless you’ve backed up important data, a breach could mean that your business experiences a devastating loss. Without proper security measures in place, not only is your data now gone, but it’s in the hands of someone who could do some serious damage to your employees, partners, and customers.

Your Customers and Business Partners are at Severe Risk

When your system suffers a breach, it’s not just your business that takes the financial hit. Customer and business partner financial and personal information is severely compromised.

Should a hacker get a hold of private information like social security numbers or bank account numbers, their livelihood is at risk; and at the end of the day, your business’ lack of strategized security is at fault.

Keep Your Browsing Safer with Sys Logic Technology Services

Unfortunately, it’s so easy for a virus or outsider to reach your personal data and wreak havoc on your business. The team at Sys Logic Technology Services offers our solutions to commercial entities who have fallen victim to online breaches.

Not only can we help you remove viruses and restore systems back to working order, but we will also do everything possible to protect you and your customers from future attacks. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial computer services and to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.