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What are the 4 Most Common Commercial Network Issues?

Most commercial businesses rely on networking to allow for smooth day-to-day operations. Networking provides several advantages to a commercial entity like business growth and money saving resources.

However, like all technology, problems come up and disrupt the overall flow of your internal computer network. While some issues may be as simple as a misplaced router, some problems may require the help of a networking services professional.

Here’s a look at four of the most common commercial networking problems, and how Sys Logic Technology Services can help.

Duplicate IP Addresses

Although duplicate IP address issues are rare when IP addresses are automatically assigned to computers in a network, problems can arise when assigning static IP addresses on a network. This creates the issue of duplicate IP addresses that ties up the two offending pieces of equipment until the problem is resolved.

Wireless Sluggishness

You could be paying for the best internet services and still experience a slow network that diminishes productivity. This can be a networking problem that leaves users scratching their heads, however, the solution is actually quite simple.

Your slow network could be the result of a misplaced wireless router experiencing interference. Network sluggishness can also be caused by a faulty switch or a PC that is infected with a virus. In some cases the wireless router simply needs to be rebooted.

A Workstation Can’t Connect to Your Network

If a single piece of equipment can’t connect to your network, and every other device around it can, this is an IT problem that requires a professional touch for an effective solution.

Our team can run numerous tests on a device’s cables, wifi connectivity, potential software problems, and more. We know exactly what to look for, and can quickly get your faulty workstation back on track.

Lack of Network Security

Finally, lack of network security is one of the biggest issues that plagues a commercial business. Corporations and small businesses alike, rely on secure networks to transfer important data between devices. Without proper security in place, information can fall into the wrong hands and hackers can gain access to data that can bring your business to the ground.

Don’t let poor cyber security put your business at risk. Trust our security team to install computer network firewalls that will identify and block out unwanted traffic before it becomes a threat to your business’ well-being.

Resolve Your Commercial IT Issues With Sys Logic Technology Services

If you are the leader of a company that relies on a computer network to meet your business’ goals, you shouldn’t have to worry about the reliability of your technology. Networking issues slow down productivity and put your business at risk.

Trust the experts of Sys Logic Technology Services to help your commercial location overcome any flaws in its network. From basic resolutions to advanced IT problems, our team can get your network back on track.

Contact us today to schedule our services for your network issue.