IT Services: How to Find the Right Company

If you’re a small to medium sized business, the right IT service provider can go a long way in determining your success. Whatever IT services you need, the provider you choose should be considered an ongoing partner. It’s not as simple as setting and forgetting. Your business infrastructure needs ongoing maintenance and works to boost efficiency and increase profits. Sys Logic can provide everything you need to get your business up and running plus get it to the next level.

Sys Logic offers the following IT Services

  • Technical Support

Our idea of technical support is assisting individuals and businesses with technical problems with electronic devices. It should be user-friendly, customer-focused and the team should be comprised of individuals who understand the ins and outs of your device or equipment.

  • IT Consulting

Consultants offer guidance to businesses and individuals on everything they need in-house that falls in line with their overall business goals. Consultants can help provide an external, objective point of view or give you specialized expertise that you don’t have in-house.

  • Managed IT Services

Managed Services can be generically defined as running a service for a customer by a vendor on the agreed outcome measured as Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a fixed price.

  • Computer Tech Support

Once we set up your equipment for your home or business, we can provide you friendly technical support to assist you if you have any issues. This includes computers, Smartphones, Tablets, Servers, Security and more! IT Services is a broad term that many business owners apply to anything that has to do with computers or the internet. Before you choose the right IT service provider, you need to understand your business goals first and foremost. While we can provide a wide range of IT services, we can help you even more if you understand your overall goal and the current state of your setup. If you don’t have a setup or are a new business planning on opening soon, we can help with that as well.A good place to start is with your equipment. How old is it and do you think you need an upgrade? Do you plan on scaling your business in the near future? We can help you take an inventory of your current equipment to determine if you need to upgrade. This will ensure you have everything you need to grow your business. The checklist below can help you start thinking of what you may need. We view you as an ongoing partner and this will help us understand your goals as a business and a client.

      • When was the last time you purchased new equipment
      • How old is your current equipment?
      • How big do you want to grow your business?
      • Is your current setup secure enough?
      • How do you connect with your clients?
      • Where do you want to be in 3 years?

This assessment will help you understand what technology you need for your business. Required everyday functionality involves email, phones, WiFi, file storage, syncing, and virtual collaboration. You may even need accounting software, online payment processing or customer relationship management tools. Whatever you need help setting up, our team has a wide range of knowledge and expertise to make it happen.Security should always be on the top of your list when picking an IT service provider. Because we provide computer services for law enforcement, we always consider security paramount in our installations. This level of standard spills over to all of our clients even if they aren’t in law enforcement.

If you have any questions or need help understanding what you need for your business, contact us or give us a call!

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