Firewall and security

Computer Network SecurityNetwork security and monitoring is a major issue that needs to be addressed in business. With corporations, large and small expanding and critical data being transferred through the Internet, it has become very important to secure your company’s network.

Simply installing anti-virus software is not a cure-all nor is it sufficient to protect critical data and system. Sys Logic can not only remove viruses and malware, we can also restore your computer back to working condition. Our goal is to protect your data and your customer data from further attacks. There are more hackers than every before. Online security is more important than any other time in our history.

There are two ways in which a virus reaches a computer. First is generally through an attachment with an e-mail and second is from computer to computer without the knowledge of the user. When a virus attack is through an e-mail the user comes to know and the antivirus installed in the system can come to his/her rescue.

But in the latter case, the worm or virus finds a computer that has lower security settings and gets into the system without the user ever knowing what is happening. This is the case where anti-virus software does not help but a firewall does.

A firewall can be a hardware or software that identifies and blocks unwanted traffic heading towards your system. The unwanted data can neither move out nor come into the system. The flow of data can be controlled by the settings of a system administrator, which basically means that you can decide what data should go out and what should come in at the time of installation.

The best case cost effective scenario is multi-tiered. This simply means having several checkpoints to go through radically lessens the odds of a compromise. A hardware firewall sits at the edge of the network. Therefore, it scans traffic before it enters and either allows it or not. UTM software also scans for virus, malware, and other threats. Should something actually come through, the second mechanism at a simplistic level is set up, Namely your anti-virus software, Of course with larger systems, there will be additional tiers as well. Upon the implementation of multiple layers, the odds of a compromise is radically reduced.

Sys Logic will work with organizations to deliver the latest Unified Threat Management and Remote Access solutions. While we do work with other firewall systems, we have found Watchguard to be extremely effective at an affordable price point. Helping businesses to gain secure unconstrained connectivity, access real-time applications such as voice and video safely. We have the knowledge and experience to understand your needs and will recommend the WatchGuard Solution that is right for your business. Sys Logic has helped small businesses, charities, medium business and public sector organizations choose, deploy and support the correct WatchGuard solution for them.

We enable a business to:

  • Deliver secure, unconstrained connectivity between employees and customers
  • Access information and resources from anywhere securely
  • Proactively track and isolate possible threats
  • Set up self-defending system
  • Reduce operating costs by isolating threats thus far less virus activity and other risk exposure
  • Deliver environmental efficiencies
  • Apply Law Enforcement CJIS standards
  • Implement powerful reporting features to assist IT and management with threat mitigation